We are member of the Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers Holland (KVHOK)

Bruil & Brandsma Works of Art

Beautiful works of Art tell a story. This can be a story about the original owner, his life or his place in society. But artefacts also tell stories about the artists and craftsmen who made them; they were inspired by the style of that particular moment and bound by the materials and techniques available in their regions. That is why history leaves us beautiful antiques and pure examples of folk art.

In the year 90’s Rob Bruil and Marieke Brandsma started a collection specialized in Dutch folk art. Nowadays the collection has been extended with European Renaissance artifacts from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century.

Our collection is on display in our gallery at the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 68 Amsterdam. In our restoration studio we work on commissions for museums and collectors.

We are member of the “Koninklijke Vereniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst Nederland” (Royal Association of Fine Art Dealers Holland)